A downloadable mystery

haunted by ghosts of the mind,

R traverses a spectral landscape in order to reach the other side



face bathed in light from screens and neon signs,

M trudges on towards his glorious tragedy



dancing alone with everybody,

K is caught on a web of paranoia and obscure conspiracies



Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— Γ— 

Glitch Dream is a surreal thriller in the form of a visual novel with light adventure elements. It will comprise three parts ('disks'); there's no ETA, one day the first part will just drop from the heavens.


GUKAJOGU — writer, artist, incompetent programmer, person writing this. I've been making silly stuff on Brazilian internet for a few years now, including a joke game that got βœ§γƒ»οΎŸpretty popularγƒ»οΎŸβœ§. I sometimes post art on Twitter.


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hi there! is this an active project? <33333

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Is this ever coming out?

Not to be mean or anything, if you're still working on it take all the time in the world, it just seems a bit like the game is dead and i wanted to ask if it's still being worked on.


it's okay to ask. i haven't touched it for a year but it's not dead, just got sidelined by life stuff. i'll be doing a short project for a halloween jam and hopefully get back on my feet and go back to gamedeving this month. can't promise anything though; quarantine got me fucked up.


Thanks for replying. Quarantine kinda fucked us all up, hope you're doing well. Looking forward to that game jam project.

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Is there a way to download this? Like a demo or something.. :/

O jogo parece muito interessante adorava jogar! :D

Am really looking forward to playing this. I wonder what games influenced the creation of this one.

cara acompanho o canal enter para sair a muitos anos,adoro o trabalho do gukajogu! quando esse jogo sair irei jogar com certeza!

Quem diria que o msm cara do faustΓ£o dating sim faria um jogo assim

Parece muito bom, ansioso para jogar

this looks like an cool game...


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The pixel art looks amazing! I'm looking forward to play this. I hope there's a Mac build (pun not intended).

Falei para mim msm que N iria mais comprar jogos no pc mas estou esperando ansioso para esse jogo ser lançado e eu quebrar essa promessa



Love this ART ... Looking forward for the first run ... 


Ouh Boy.
o que dizer de um jogo cyberpunk todo pixelado , feito pelo lindo e cheroso hmm...
enter para sair? me desculpe mas eu n sei teu nome.

Eu te mamaria

Looking forward to the full version of episode 1!

Love this, art is seriously good. Can't wait to see what the full game is like!


is the trailer linked the correct?

My thoughts exactly xD

Wow, this looks Fantastic!!! I'll love to get in on osx, by the time being i'll download the windows version. Congratulations!!